About project

What it is?

Our website is intended for beekeepers and customers. Here a beekeeper can make a claim about himself having published a resume, sell bee products and bees making advertisements, plus manage his beeyard using applications like ‘My Apiary’. A convenient search and acquaintance with a natural beekeeper are for you, dear consumers of apian production. Everyone may use the site for free as a guest or as a member. We hope our site will be useful for people.

Web application for beekeepers "My Apiary"

My Apiary is a section of our site, which presents a beehive management software with all the advantages of a program over paper and a pen. Estimate it by yourself especially working with your smartphone on an apiary. In order to use our program you must get our personal invitation and you will see a beekeeper interface.

Guidelines for using the site Bee Fair.plus

There are several guidelines

  • It is forbidden to add advertisements, resources or articles, which are not connected with beekeeping and honey.
  • Any con trick and dishonesty are forbidden too.


You can freely publish your advertisements and articles. Besides, here you can publish several advertising modules. You can leave your feedback or ask any question using an E-mail.


To contact us you can use the contact form and our page on twitter.